Smart Ultrasound Solutions



The Probefix, provides correct and stable fixation of an ultrasound transducer on the body in an easy and patient-friendly manner. This tool empowers doctors to improve their current procedures and even creates new applications.

ProbeFix S

The ProbeFix S is specifically designed for sports and dynamic excercises, which gives mltiple possible applications in muscle recovery and other diagnostic features. In combination with innovative products like the Philips Lumify, dynamic measurements can be easily performed while an athlete is running or cycling. This allows new research and optimization possibilities.



Benjamin Tchang MSc. (CEO, Biomedical Engineering)

Benjamin is a leader, decision maker and an innovator. He leaded several teams in both the management field as well in the sport related field.

Victor Donker MSc. (COO, Industrial Design)

Victor is a communicative, creative and critical designer. He was responsible for external relations at several projects (Blue Jay Eindhoven and EUBC). His strength lies in connecting to people and maintaining relationships.

Jori Verbeek MSc. (CTO, Industrial Design)

Jori has experience in product development, UX design and usability testing. He designs products and interaction with a human centred approach. His hands-on mentality drives the iterative process in development of products and services.



As mentioned before, we’re opening a Leapfunder campaign, the first information is live here. We’ll let you know when the campaign is open. If you’re interested in participating please fill in these short questions. If you have any questions about this, please contact us!

XL Day

On the 22nd of September we’re presenting our products and business case on the HighTechXL XL Day, which will be hosted in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven! Please have a look here, register if you like or contact us for more questions! 



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